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Applying ESG Base solutions to your business

Incorporating greater ESG alignment with assets and operations has become an increasing need for investors, policy makers, corporates, and impact focused organizations.  However, the ability to do this rigorously is limited by the availability of quality data, analysis, and the absence of transformational work processes. The results can be a significant expense, missed opportunities for making positive impact, reputational risks, or even the potential of greenwashing.

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More accurate and confident reporting

ESG monitoring and reporting of assets and operations can be challenging and limited by the lack of organisational metrics, systematic procedures, and robust digital technologies. As a result, ESG reports and generated insights can be inaccurate or flawed. ESG Base helps select the most suitable metrics from globally recognised ESG frameworks, provides robust procedures and technologies for systematic data collection, verification, and interpretation. ESG Base not only enables its users to perform compliance reporting, but also enables the generation of actionable insights that lead to reduced risks and greater impact.


Accurate scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions measurement

Measuring and tracking your organizational scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions is more important than ever and increasingly required by policies, investors, and consumers; and preferred by top talent. But carbon emissions accounting can be challenging, time-consuming, and requires significant know-how. ESG Base deploys advanced technologies and supports you with an expert helping hand to make your carbon accounting easy and simple.

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Data-driven ESG due diligence

In a fast-paced deal flow environment, investors are often faced with resource constraints that prevent them from front loading ESG assessment. As a result, very often at the top of the funnel,  attractive deals with healthy and assured financial returns and significant positive ESG impact can be passed. Similarly, ESG related red-flags may be overlooked during due diligence. With ESG Base, now there is the option to compare between and benchmark companies, infrastructures, capital projects, and operational activities on multiple criteria, and execute more effective and quantitatively-backed due diligence.


Objective location-based ESG risk assessment

Global macro events such as climate events, energy transition, transformation of supply chains, are starting to expose assets and operations to various environmental, social, and governance risks at an unprecedented rate. Though traditionally overlooked in capital allocation and operations planning, these risks are steadily becoming more material and must be taken seriously under emerging economic conditions. ESG Base provides a wholistic overview of the most significant environmental, social, and governance risks at any specific location on the globe, equipping its users with superior risk awareness and actionable insights.

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Optimal ESG strategy development

Investors, asset managers and companies that fail to design the right ESG strategy run the risk of significant negative reputational and financial implications. ESG Base helps organisations conduct materiality assessments and prioritise ESG topics along which they can minimise risks and maximise positive impact and net benefit.  With ESG Base support, organisations set objective ESG targets and adopt transformational work processes that result in greater positive impact and long-term resilience against economic shocks.

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Rigorous scenario analysis

Users of ESG Base often aim to perform forward looking environmental impact assessments of their companies, infrastructures, capital projects, and operational activities. ESG Base provides predictive analysis of both financial and environmental performance in reportable formats and helps users get a clearer view on the future financial and environmental reports that their asset or operation would generate under different policy or environmental scenarios.


Identification of green-washing

Proposals for infrastructure and capital project investments may contain greenwashed information or exaggerated claims which are not easy to detect without detailed analysis of the engineering details and social factors at the location of the asset. Because ESG Base uses a bottom-up first-principles approach, its predictions can help identify and account for outliers in the proposals.

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