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ESG Base Announces Launch of Turbo Carbo: Revolutionizing Carbon Data Management for Private Equity Firms

ESG Base turbo carbo

London, UK, February 21, 2024 - ESG Base, a leader in sustainability and responsible investment solutions, proudly unveils Turbo Carbo, an innovative technology designed to simplify carbon data management for private equity firms and portfolio companies.

Turbo Carbo is a cloud-based SaaS (software-as-a-service) platform developed in collaboration with private equity firm AE Industrial Partners, specifically tailored to streamline carbon emissions measurement and reporting processes. With its user-centric design and intuitive features, Turbo Carbo empowers private equity firms to effectively measure and manage carbon footprints with ease, generate validated emission reports, and move toward audit readiness.

“We are excited to introduce Turbo Carbo to the market”, said Dr Dev Majumder, CEO of ESG Base. "This revolutionary tool combines our deep advisory expertise in emissions accounting with some of the most cutting-edge technologies in cloud computing. The product represents a leap forward in radically simplifying carbon data management for private equity firms and portfolio companies, enabling them to make informed decisions and drive meaningful progress toward sustainability goals.”

Key features of Turbo Carbo include: 

  • Visibility: Dashboard-style interfaces ensure clear tracking of request progress and completed emission reports, maintaining a consistent flow of information.

  • Project management capabilities: Efficiently manage and monitor carbon emissions with year-on-year comparisons.

  • Automation: Calculation of emissions from organizational activities are fully automated, eliminating hours of manual tasks.

  • Built-in verification process: Seamlessly enables finalized emission reports to be verified by human experts to ensure accuracy and reliability.

“Before Turbo Carbo, we were already making strides in sustainability with robust methods and good insights; now, with data verified by human experts, enhanced visibility, and an intuitive interface, we've significantly elevated the precision, accessibility, and credibility of our sustainability efforts.,” said Jennifer Essig, Head of Sustainability at AE Industrial.

Turbo Carbo is now available for sign-up, offering private equity firms a powerful solution for accurate carbon assessment and reporting. To learn more about the platform and its integration into sustainability programs, book a demo here

For media inquiries or further information, please reach us at

About ESG Base

ESG Base is a global premium provider of advisory, technology and data solutions enabling financial organisations and businesses to achieve their sustainability and responsible investment ambitions. ESG Base offers advisory services and technology solutions for fund managers and investors to benchmark the sustainability credentials of their portfolio, determine the sustainability risks and impact of their investments, and monitor performance throughout the investment lifecycle. ESG Base is supported by London Business School, The University of Cambridge, Santander Bank, European Regional Development Fund, London Fintech Innovation Lab, and has been part of the G20 InfraChallenge building better, innovative and resilient infrastructure.

About AE Industrial Partners

AE Industrial Partners is a private investment firm with $5.4 billion of assets under management focused on highly specialized markets including aerospace, national security, and industrial services. AE Industrial Partners has completed more than 130 investments in market-leading companies that benefit from its deep industry knowledge, operating experience, and network of relationships across the sectors where the firm invests. With a commitment to driving value creation in partnership with the management teams of its portfolio companies, AE Industrial Partners invests across private equity, venture capital (AEI HorizonX), and aerospace leasing. For more information, please visit

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