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Special Offer

In solidarity with the COP-26 climate summit, ESG Base will be offering 100 subscriptions of its ESG Reporting platform and 100 subscriptions of its ESG Risks platform for free for 1 year. 

Eligibility to receive a free subscription will be evaluated on the basis of a needs assessment.

Offer ends 30 Nov 2021.

ESG Reporting

Automate your ESG data collection and reporting using our cloud-based reporting platform. Seamlessly engage with your stakeholders. Report using the most established ESG frameworks (such as TCFD, SDGs, GRI, and others).

ESG Risks

Keep track of the physical and climate risks, social risks, and governance risks for the location of all your assets using our cloud-based ESG risks platform. Let the most sophisticated satellite imagery, meteorological data, and geospatial datasets inform your decision making.

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