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ESG Base is a leading provider of technology-enabled service that supports ESG investments in real assets. We offer scalable solutions for fund managers and investors to identify the best ESG aligned investments. 
First conceived by a group of students from London Business School and London School of Economics, today we are well equipped to support the most progressive and responsible investors through our innovative platform. 
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Critical characteristics of ESG investing

Some assert that ESG investing is all about excluding assets with the risk of failure to meet ESG threshold.  We think ESG investing is about finding and backing assets which have the most attractive long term financial returns and the highest net positive ESG impact, and therefore taking confident investment decisions while automatically blocking out the bad stuff. It boils down to five critical characteristics of true ESG investing. 
The ESG impact of an asset must be estimable in material terms before investment. Because there is no established and universal norm translating ESG impacts into financial value, the material ESG estimates will allow investors to incorporate their own value-systems into their assessment
ESG investments must have granular visibility into all the significant material impacts of the assets. A panoramic view of the impacts will reveal the full context in which investments are made and will prevent the investors from getting blindsided by surprises afterwards
ESG investments must consider the effects of a range of scenarios including technology and policy trends on the investable assets, and select the assets with inherent resilience within the expected range of scenarios. The investors must be able to input their own views on likely scenarios
The assessment of ESG investments must be able to cut through the shortage of reported information or the fog of greenwashed or exaggerated claims and inflated reporting, and estimate the true expected impact of the assets
The best ESG aligned assets must be easy to identify and invest in. ESG investments must work for every investor, irrespective of their training or experience, so that  investors can focus on the execution of the invested assets rather than on the management of ESG deficiencies


The ESG Base platform enables an investor to predict and benchmark the financial and ESG performance of a proposed real asset investment


The ESG Base cloud platform automates the predictive analysis of the financial and environmental performance of a real asset investment by incorporating the asset's unique configuration features, location, and use cases. By leveraging ESG Base's proprietary virtualization engine and a comprehensive database, the platform combines asset specific information with location specific signals and policy information and provides a wholistic and futuristic view of the investment. Where the asset specific reports are not  publicly available or reliable, the ESG Base platform takes a fundamentals-based approach to provide best case estimates.  


The predictive reporting of material performance of assets leads to improved appreciation of causality and helps navigate towards innovation
Ability to input the investor's views on technology and policy trends and ability to benchmark against other assets enables high degree of flexibility in impact assessment
Ability to frontload critical ESG criteria during deal assesment leads to greater efficiency of deal-flow and lower cost of mitigation down the road

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